The Officers for the year from March are :

       President                           - Ken Chaproniere
       Vice President                   - Steve Tamcken
       Hon Secretary and Clerk  - Tony Sharp
       Almoner                             - All members (Vacant)
       Parade Marshall                - Tony Sharp
       Auditors                             - Roger Davis & Alan Perry
       Treasurer                           - Richard Darby
Contact :

Tony Sharp,
Clerk & Parade Marshal,
City of London Ward Beadles,
59 Centre Point
SE1 5NX  
The City of London Ward Beadles Society
was founded in 1895 to formalise the Ward Beadle's social arrangements and –

“ ... to associate the Ward Beadles of The City of London for consideration of matters concerning their duties and responsibilities. (and also) To promote, enhance and protect the office of Ward Beadles.

It seemed from the Minutes to have concerned itself also with ‘Friendly Society’ issues and organised social functions of its members, notably also a ‘Ladies Night’ annual function in Guildhall.

In 1921 it changed its status title from ‘society’ to ‘association’, possibly reflecting legal changes in usage of ‘society’. In May 2007 the word ‘association’ was dropped from the title head as we were being confused with the Livery Beadles (The City of London Beadles Guild).

The current Rules of the association are reproduced elsewhere on this website.

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The City of London Ward Beadles (founded  1895)